Yate and Sodbury Healing Rooms


As a team we have experienced healings during our sessions. Here is a description of some of the healings people have experienced:

"I have had 3 appointments in the Healing Rooms for prayer and healing of alopaecia and eczema. God has been working in me to bring me to a place of freedom. I have been set free from the anxieties, fear and pain of experiencing hair-loss. God has healed me and I am now waiting with excitement for the regrowth of hair and I can already start to praise and thank God for the regrowth of my eyebrows."

A man was healed of sciatica. Praise God! He had been bothered by it for a few weeks so came for healing prayer. He felt better as he left, but told us he was fully well the next morning and drove to Birmingham without pain.

"In August I broke the 5th metatarsal bone in my foot and a lot of damage was done to the ligaments and soft tissue etc. in my foot. 4 months later the bone had still not healed, and in fact there was very little improvement in the foot in general. Two of my toes would not move, which meant that I was also very unbalanced, and I was in a lot of pain. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, members of the Yate and Chipping Sodbury Healing Team prayed for my foot, and I praise God that I can now move all 5 toes! This has made such a huge difference to my balance, to the point where I do not need to use my crutch! As they were praying I literally felt the bones and muscles in my foot and lower leg moving and re-aligning. I know that the healing process has also been quickened in the ligaments and soft tissue etc ................... All the glory goes to you Lord!!! But "thank you" to the willing vessels used by Him!" Val

"The team prayed that the Lord would open my carpal tunnel and that the pain would go. My hands and arms were healed of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome straight away!" - Debbie.

"My optician was very concerned about some of the membranes on my left eye and referred me to the consultant at the eye hospital. I asked for prayer regarding this at the Healing Rooms and felt a wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit.... The consultants' subsequent report was very good and he told me that my eyes were excellent for my age and that there were no problems with the membranes." - Doreen

"I hurt my shoulder and was in severe pain. The doctor diagnosed 'Rotator Cuff Tendonitis' and I had virtually no movement and severe swelling. After one week the doctor then said that I had a frozen shoulder - and it would be months or years before it got better. I came to the Healing Rooms, the Lord touched me again and by the following day I had 100% movement and was completely healed. Praise the Lord - a miracle!" - Lin

"I have experienced stiff and painful knees for most of my adult like and in the past 10 years or so they have become increasingly worse. I could not bend down or kneel down completely & going up and down stairs was painful. Some days I could not straighten my right leg properly and had to often sleep with a cushion under my knee. After my healing, my knees felt free and I could easily straighten them and move them. I can now stand for long periods of time without pain, climb up and down stairs without pain, and my knees continue to feel better and better every day. Praise the Lord!" - Bev

"After many months of visits to a chiropractor for pain in my neck and right shoulder, the pain disappeared and all the bones in my neck and shoulder moved back into the right alignment after prayer. Also, on another occasion, several broken ribs were healed when I received prayer for healing" - C

"When attending an HR meeting, I asked for prayer as I had been having pain in my tooth which felt like a nerve being touched - it was very uncomfortable. People placed their hands on my shoulder and started to pray, I could feel the power of God touch me, and the pain was gone" - Kelly

"After prayer and being anointed with oil, I was healed instantly of osteo-arthritis in my spine. For two years I had been sleeping flat on my back with one or no pillows - that night after I was healed I slept curled up with two pillows and no pain. I am still pain-free!" - G

"I had been suffering with back pain and visiting an osteopath, then attended a HR meeting where I received prayer. The minister prayed, 'Back be moved in Jesus' name', and it was. Since then, there have been times when the pain has tried to return in different parts of my neck, and I simply repeat these words and thank Jesus for my healing" - Lynne W

"All my life I have been biting my nails. Since I received prayer I no longer bite them" - Malcolm

Previous healings that helped inspire the creation of the group:

"I suffered from M.E. for two years, I had no energy, all my muscles were wasting, I was unable to walk unaided or even pick up a cup of coffee and I suffered with confusion and slight loss of memory. After prayer for healing, the confusion and memory loss went immediately and over the next few months I regained 100% mobility and my energy levels returned to normal. 17 years later I am still fit and healthy" - Claire

"I had been blind in one eye for 38 years due to an accident when I was 13. I was encouraged to go for prayer by a friend but was sceptical, because I had lived so long without sight in that eye, it didn't occur to me that things could ever change. I was prayed for, but it wasn't until later that I felt a strong sensation around that eye and I was aware there was too much light, and I could see out of that blind eye! When I went for a routine eye test my 'blind' eye was perfect; I could even read the smallest paragraph on the test sheet." - Barbara.

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